Business Tax Prep and Corporate Tax Filing can be a deceptively difficult task. Most business owners know the essentials of corporate tax preparation—most notably saving all receipts, bank statements and sales records as well as identifying the inventory at the beginning and end of the year. But business tax prep is far more involved than that, and not something that anyone can do in the weeks—or days—leading up to the trip to the accountant in March or April.


At Mauriello Enterprises, we spend all year knee-deep in business tax prep— not only preparing corporate tax filing for our clients but also advising them on the latest tax code changes that can impact their businesses and their returns. We think constant communication is the key. Nothing’s worse than getting to the spring and realizing there have been mistakes made along the way in tax preparation. By remaining in regular contact with our 2,000-plus clients, we ensure any problems are addressed right away while also helping them identify additional expenses—such as interest, rent and/or home office expenses—that can help minimize the tax liability they will incur.

Not every business tax prep specialist is as attentive as Mauriello Enterprises. Don’t make the mistake of going to someone who thinks an accountant only has to work January through April 15. Business tax prep is a year-round job for us, one we enjoy and one for which we feel great passion.

Your search for the right accountant to help you with corporate tax filing is complete! At Mauriello Enterprises, we pride ourselves on not only our ability to provide the best New York tax preparation services inside and outside the five boroughs—we are enrolled to practice before the Internal Revenue Service—but also our accessibility, accountability and availability. Learn more about us and what we can do for you by calling us today (718) 356-5178 or emailing us at TaxFella@Aol.Com !