Mauriello Enterprises, Inc. “My Tax Fella” are your accountants of choice for New Jersey and New York State! Whether you need your taxes done at tax crunch time or need year-round guidance, Mauriello Enterprises, Inc. will be there to provide you the expert knowledge you and your finances needs.

It is Our Intention:

  • To Have You Pay The Least Amount of Taxes Legally and Truthfully. We Provide The Finest Service and Have Uncommon Knowledge of the Tax System


  • To Present The Facts and Figures You’ve Provided in a Clear and Concise Manner


  • To Utilize Every Form And Schedule Applicable To Your Personal Tax Situation


  • To Apply Our Knowledge of Tax Law to Your Benefit, Yielding A Tax Return You Are Confident In Filing


  • To Make That Which is Unpleasant (Filing Your Annual Tax Returns) More Pleasant


  • To Provide You With a Knowledgeable Staff –Available To Help You Year’Round.


  • To Assist You In Being Pro-Active When It Comes To Tax Planning


  • To Not Drudge Through Preparing Your Tax Return. We Devote Ourselves To This Mission


  • To Represent You, Our Client, and Your Tax Return in the Best Possible Light


  • To Keep You Moving Forward, No Matter What


  • To Produce More Value For You, Our Client, Than We Consume


  • To Create Solutions and Opportunities Out of Problems


  • To Build, Not Blame. To Produce Results, Not Wait For Them.


  • To Be Governed by Principles and Guided by Ideals


  • To Make a Profit


  • To Take Responsibility For Our Actions


  • To Be Freely Independent, and Interdependent with Those Aligned in Common Purpose


  • To Understand Our Freedom Comes With The Responsibility of Filing Our Taxes!



We Trust in the Integrity of Our Clients.  Despite That, We Make No Assumptions.


  • If On The Chance The Figures You’ve Provided Are Later Proven to be Non – Factual, or in Error (Whether Intentionally or Otherwise), You Are Wholly Responsible For Any Additional Tax, Interest & Penalties that May Be Due. You Hold Our Office and Preparer Not Liable for These Adjustments.


  • If On The Chance The Integrity of the Figures You’ve Provided Are Questioned, We Provide Additional Services In Helping You Present The Case Before The IRS or State. We May Also Represent You Directly Before Either Agency.  These are Billable Services.


  • We Ask Pre Qualifying Questions of You in Determining The Deductibility of Certain Items On Your Tax Return, and/ or Situations to Determine Certain Factors. You represent that You’ve Answered These Questions Honestly.


  • If the Data You’ve Provided To Us is Egregious, and Results in Additional Taxes, Interest, a Penalty, or Examination by the IRS or State to the Client, or Our Company, Then the Client is at Fault.


  • We Do Not Audit The Figures You’ve Provided. We Accept Them As Truthful and Accurate. We Encourage Including Only Those Figures You Are Able to Substantiate.


  • We Encourage Safely Storing Your Source Documents – The Documents That Justify the Figures Included On Your Tax Return. Should The Integrity of Your Tax Return Later Come Into Question, These Documents Will Be Required.


  • If an Error is Truly Ours, We Stand Behind Our Work. We Will Work to Make It Right With The Highest Integrity Service, and Systems to Fully Satisfy Our Clients.


  • We May Terminate Our Relationship When Our Guidance is Not Followed, Our Bill is Not Paid, or if You Find Our Intentions and Rules Not Acceptable.


  • By Following These Rules of Engagement We Guarantee This Will Be an Enjoyable Experience, as We Strive To Preserve The Integrity of Your Tax Return.


We trust our intention to serve you meets your intention to require our services.