The phrase “individual tax planning” is a deceptively simple one that can encompass any number of client needs. That, in turn, makes seeking the right personal accountant in the Staten Island and New Jersey area particularly difficult. Don’t worry though— Mauriello Enterprises, Inc. has decades of experience in handling individual tax planning and is eager to make the process as simple and pleasant as possible for you!

The most important part of individual tax planning is regular attention from your personal accountant. Some tax and accounting services focus solely on the first four months of the calendar year and are nowhere to be found the next eight months.

At Mauriello Enterprises, Inc., we know that tax laws can be modified year-round and that, sometimes, changes in tax laws or changes in your personal circumstances can make filing a return much more challenging. Whether you purchase a new home, begin a family or inherit money from a deceased loved one, we’ll be glad to meet with you to evaluate your situation and advise you on how to best minimize your tax liability and maximize your return.

We also know that do-it-yourself computer programs designed for individual tax planning and the filing of returns are not as easy to master as they seem. Learning how to use financial planning software is a time-consuming process. With expert tax and accounting services available right here at Mauriello Enterprises, Inc., why not let us take care of it for you?

Your search for the perfect personal accountant is complete! At Mauriello Enterprises, Inc., we pride ourselves on not only our ability to provide the best individual tax planning services inside and outside the five boroughs—we are enrolled to practice before the Internal Revenue Service—but also our accessibility, accountability and availability. If you’re seeking an accountant, Staten Island based or available in the New York-New Jersey area, call us today at (718) 356-5178 or email us at!