Back By Popular Demand….:

“DoYouKnowMyTaxFella” ? 

(The easiest way to put more CASH in your pocket!)

How many $20+ $2 bills would you like to put in your pocket this tax season?  (I bet most of you would like to put a bunch!)  And you know what?  We’ll be happy to send you clean, crisp $20+ $2 bills this year!  If you tell your friends, neighbors, or co-workers about

Mauriello Enterprises, Inc!

Remember, we’ll send you $22 CASH for every NEW customer you refer to Mauriello Enterprises.  You can tell one friend or 100.  As long as they use Mauriello Enterprises to prepare or electronically file their taxes this year, AND THEY DIDN’T COME TO Mauriello Enterprises LAST YEAR, then we’ll send you cash money once we’ve been paid!

*** And if you’d like more “Refer-A-Friend” slips, just ask at the front desk for more when you come into our office this year!  We’ll be happy to give you as many as you’d like!