Never Go about handling the IRS alone. Would you represent yourself in a lawsuit?

Would you hire an attorney to buy a house?
Go through a Divorce?    File a Legal Document?

Why you would even THINK about going about handling the intrusive IRS alone is beyond me.  I mean, we are not only versed in their language, but , as an Enrolled Agent, we are LICENSED by the IRS to represent YOU!

Follow Our Audit Checklist & Procedures:

1.)  Print, Fill in, Sign & Fax FORM 2848 Power Of Attorney.  Fax this completed form to: (718)356-5481.  We have a Centralized, Expedited way of filing this form for you so that this matter can be handled IMMEDIATELY!

2.) LET US TAKE IT FROM HERE.  I will personally contact the Internal Revenue Service FOR YOU.

3.)  I will then contact you & let you know what will be required for ME to Represent YOU at this audit.  You do NOTHING but gather data.  My office prepares the Audit Package & REPRESENTS YOU IN FRONT OF THE IRS.