Our Professional Accounting Services

For many tax preparers in Staten Island, tax season is the only time of year they are paying attention to the needs and objectives of their clients. But at Mauriello Enterprises, Inc., we believe we offer the best professional accounting services in the tri-state area. We are concerned about our clients’ fiscal well-being, and we know that clients deserve a lot more than just a few months of consideration. Let us be your New Jersey or New York accountants of choice!

Whether you need us for a last-minute question around April 15, or you’re looking for advice from a tax preparer or Enrolled Agent in Staten Island during the summer or fall, Mauriello Enterprises, Inc. will be there to provide all the guidance and expert knowledge you need. There are few things in life you take more seriously than your accounting, so don’t worry about asking seemingly routine questions that you want answered for your peace of mind. No New Jersey accountant or New York accountant issue is too inconsequential for us to address.

While we take great pride in the two-floors of office space that we have occupied for more than a decade, we’ll be more than happy to meet you in your office or at some other location. And don’t worry—there’s no limit to the number of times you can seek the assistance of our trained tax preparers in Staten Island. We are always available to meet regularly and provide exceptional service to all of our 2,000-plus clients.

Your search for the perfect tax preparer or Enrolled Agent in Staten Island is complete! At Mauriello Enterprises, Inc., we offer simply the best tax accounting services anywhere inside or outside the five boroughs. Plus, we are qualified to practice before the Internal Revenue Service and take our high level of accessibility, accountability and availability seriously. If you’re seeking an EA in Staten Island, a New Jersey accountant or a New York accountant firm, call us today at (718) 356-5178 or email us at taxfella@aol.com!